Released: June 30th, 2013

No Thank You has a very long history. The track was written and recorded back in 2007 as part of the Ireland sessions (Don't Wanna Be Lonely/Once Upon a Time) and has been re-produced several times but until this date has never seen any kind of official release.

"This track was a real labour of love for me. I knew the moment I wrote it I had something special but could never quite achieve the sound I wanted for the track (despite many talented people working on the track over the years). Hea10 is the perfect opportunity to release the track for the first time and for me to include (some) of the different versions."

The EP features

  • No Thank You (2013 Project K Re-boot)

  • No Thank You (2007 Original Version)

  • No Thank You (2008 Project K Pop mix)

  • No Thank You (2013 Project K Reboot Extended)