An Interview With KlouD

This week we bring you the exclusive interview with Canadian DJ and Producer KlouD, who took time out of his busy shedule to tell us about his success so far and plans for the future.

An Interview with KlouD

An Interview with KlouD

Where are you based?
Toronto, Canada.


What is your musical setup?
A laptop, MIDI controller and studio headphones.


What programs/equipment do you use and why?
I have tried many DAW's and I fell in love with Ableton Live. What I love about Ableton is it feels most intuitive and yet has a clean interface. Currently I am using Dell Studio 17 laptop with Windows 7 (64 Bit), M-audio Axiom 25 MIDI controller, Shure 840 studio headphones and a whole bunch of VST's. Along with this I use Traktor Kontrol S4 for djing.


How long have you been producing music for? 
Just over a year and half. It all started with an attempt to remix a Sun Loungers track and I have enjoyed it ever since.


What first got you into music? 
I come from a family of music lovers, so I have been brought up with listening to different genres of music. Over the years I developed a keen liking towards electronic music (mainly house and trance). I have always been fascinated about producing electronic music and in late 2009 decided to take a shot at a remix competition.


What are your favourite artists / influences?
That’s a difficult question to answer but here's a few – Chicane, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Laidback Luke, Avicii, Ken Loi, Udgata Anagh.


What is your biggest success so far musically? 
After participating in Never Gonna Fall remix competition, I was given an opportunity to remix Damien Boss Ft MC Placenta Smoka 'The Sounds Of Acid' which was recently released on Subtone Records. I am really happy about it as this a big achievement for me and I want to thank Damien Subtone for the opportunity. 


What are your future plans/ambitions?
Brushing up on my djing skills and looking forward to getting back in the DJ Booth. I hope to start a podcast mix and showcase some of the new stuff I am working on.


What other projects are you working on at the moment?
I am trying to put all of my time into working on solo tracks and a co-production. In fact I am currently in talks with Damien Boss on a number of projects. I have just finished another remix for ArsenelFX – Harp Monica (KlouD Remix) and that along with the Heaton remix has made August a pretty busy and awesome month for me.


What attracted you to remix Never Gonna Fall?
The moment I heard the groovy lead and catchy vocals i had an explosion of ideas in my mind. At that instant I knew I had to give this remix a shot. I really enjoyed working on this remix and I want to thank Heaton, Damien and Subtone for the opportunity.


You can hear KlouD's remix of Never Gonna Fall here:


For further information about KlouD visit his official Facebook and Soundcloud pages


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